Terms & Services

Competitive Terms
We offer a simple tenancy agreement, with no personal or directors guarantees or long term commitments. The three page tenancy at will document is written in plain English and does not require a solicitor. There is no small print or hidden charges and no deposit. Upon signing of the tenancy agreement and receipt of the first months rent, the key to the unit is handed over so that you can occupy your new unit as soon as you like.
After the first month's rent your rent will be billed monthly in advance.
Click on this link to download a draft tenancy agreement
Additional services
Pallet handling and fork lift truck hire are both available on site. If you are off site, email us your delivery details and we will unload or load for you and sign the notes.
The site is monitored and patrolled by Walford Security.
CCTV & Web monitoring
The site is covered by a CCTV system. Tenants can log into this from their own computers or mobile phones using a normal browser. This is particularly useful to monitor parked vehicles.
Need a home near your business?
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